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Just one more day!

The sale on November 14-15 was a fantastic success!

So strange what sells and what you still have in the studio. I said goodbye to very old favourites and still have some of my best pieces.

It was a very wet weekend, so I am caving in to popular demand to be open for November 29th-  Bangalow Market Day.

Will be interesting to see if anything sells as I have found market days to be not very good for art sales.



August 28th I have started building this site specially devoted to my annual studio sales.


All artists if they have a long career, end up with what I call 'odd socks'!

These are works left over from previous series,  that you don't quite have enough of to make a new exhbition of, or you  have moved on subject wise and don't want to revisit the theme.

Hence the studio sale. So this is my special site for unbelievable bargains, way below gallery price.


Sept. 7th


I have finally decided the date for this sale will be November 1st.

This is because I have been asked to place some paintings in small show at the new Stokers Siding Art Gallery.

As I haven't decided which paintings will be in the show or know what will sell, I will hold off for 4 weeks.

However, you can still bid and I will hold to the sale price for items.










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